Qigong           Meditation           Mystical Taoism

Qigong Classes Begin Wed. April 10, 2019,  6 PM, Beginners Welcome

                                         Arthur Makaris  

     I began studying yoga in the 1960's, and shortly after that martial arts and finally the healing and mystical arts which includes qigong and meditation, and Chinese medicine which includes acupuncture and herbal medicine.  I have been teaching and lecturing for many years, and in 2000 was the first acupuncturist to obtain consulting and practice privileges at Fletcher Allen Hospital, which is now the University of Vermont Medical Center.
     The year 2014 is my 34th year as a medical practitioner. I moved to Vermont in 1986 to live a more simple life closer to nature, have a family and continue to cultivate my inner life. Chinese medicine, martial arts and qigong are all rooted in an ancient philosophy of nature called Taoism.      

     The Taoist paradigm that laid the foundation for these arts is immensely rich. It is a science and mystical tradition that places the development of mind, awareness, physical health and relation to nature as a central theme in understanding the ebb and flow of the human condition in the matrix of life. I feel fortunate and grateful for the opportunities I have had, including several influential teachers. But it is together with sincere students and patients, wanting better health and healing who come for instruction that motivate me as a physician to look for deeper and clear understanding, and for the essence and simplicity in the complex.