Freedom is that which is boundless and limitless

                                with no path and destination, that is the Tao.
   Taoist meditation seeks various goals, among them relieving stress, strengthening the mind, and developing the capacity for spiritual insight. Beginning meditation is called "practicing stillness". If you have never meditated before, consider it mental and physical discipline for the purpose of strengthening and settling the mind.  When you become comfortable with sitting then you begin to cultivate the yielding and receptive nature of awareness. Next, the practice progresses to training attention in various ways to open different layers of the psyche. When the mind is at ease and not distracted, in harmony with the body and poised within itself, then yielding begins.
     The spiritual Taoist is concerned with uniting  seemingly opposing energies deep within the psyche, also called the mystical marriage. Taoist mysticism holds that the human soul is fractured. The mystical marriage heals the psyche of its conflicts and obsessive self-centeredness, healing the fracture and returning the soul to its whole state. It is from this wholeness that one gains the independence necessary for transcendence of the self.  This is what the Taoist calls freedom: the Taoist mystical path.

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