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Qigong Classes Begin Wed. April 10, 2019,  6 PM, Beginners Welcome

     What we don’t know is a mystery.  The mystical journey begins by summoning the courage to embrace a journey deep into the psyche. This is the hero’s journey and a warrior’s path.
     Regardless of race, ethnicity or religious affiliation all of humanity is equally part of a great mystery. Whenever our known universe began, you are, right now at this present moment, the product of that beginning. 
     The logic of science tells us the universe is billions of years old. Along with the capacity for reasoning and logic, there sits a flower within the psyche that when blossoming dispels the mind and its ordinary function of logic. Perhaps this is the locus of intuition and insight. Yet this flower exists with and within the flower of logic. The wise application of both forces moves humanity forward.

                                      Simplicity     Harmony     Non-aggression
     Almost all mystics throughout history have had one thing in common: they manifested a high level of virtue in their lives. Virtue begins as moral discipline, adherence to a set of values or rules. Virtue is a state of being that manifests when discipline is no longer an exercise of control but an extension of wisdom.  
     To cultivate oneself through Taoist teachings one heeds three basic principles, which are to observe:


                    by living simply and not craving. However, one must not crave simplicity -

                    that is, not force austerities on oneself;

                   by respecting and being open to others, finding moderation in excesses,

                   and understand the cycles of activity and rest;
           Living non-aggression

                  by recognizing the roots and limitations of anger and competition,

                  not harming others or oneself, and not manipulating others or

                  deceiving oneself.