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Qigong Classes Begin Wed. April 10, 2019,  6 PM, Beginners Welcome

WHAT IS QIGONG (also spelled Chi Kung)

     pronounced cheegong or cheegung

     As an exercise, qigong has the specific purpose of increasing  interconnection within the mind and body. This includes the connections between:

   - Mind, body and breath,

   - Different parts of the body to one another, and

   - Different levels of the mind   

      Qigong exercises work to erode tension, thereby improving the responses among different body parts and systems.

      Qigong health exercises combine various combinations of movement, body alignment, breath control, focus and visualization. The original term is Tao Yin,  which means "A Way of Guiding and Leading". Tao Yin was first mentioned in the Nan Jing, a third century medical text.
     Qigong comprises 2 words - Qi and Gong. Gong means "work". Refer to the page What is Qi for an explanation of the concept of qi. The word qigong means working with qi.